Handmade Felt shag rugs

Are you looking for something different for your living room space? Here comes exclusive range of felt shag rugs. These felt shag rugs gives you a nice, cozy atmosphere in the room, you will feel like walking on a cloud. A carefully crafted small branch of felt is hand sewn into the thick felt sheet rug to produce the wonderful masterpiece.

These luxurious felt rugs have medium height shag of 6-8cm.Felt shag rugs are handmade in Nepal in our own workshop at Kathmandu by our women artisan. It takes at least 7-10 days to produce a 100 cm round felt shag rug.  We have ensured the fair wages and environment friendly production process while making these felt shag rugs.

You can browse the different design and colors felt shag rugs in our link over here "Handmade Felt shag Rugs".

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